active environmental stewardship
is a top priority at nova camp.



in north america, over 9.5 million tonnes of textile waste goes to landfill each year. by renting, you physically consuming less textile products. it happens often where households may buy a new tent every year, as a brand new lesser quality tent is inexpensive and the old one will get thrown out as they are prone to rips and tears. at nova camp, we buy high quality products that can be used and cared for, while it is not ending up in landfill.

in addition to textile waste, renting provides a great opportunity for those who may not have the space or funds to purchase high end camping gear. not even regards to camping gear, renting products can lead to a more minimal life as you only use them when needed, and they are not taking up space in the home. 


textile waste

eventually, the fabric products including tents, sleeping bags, camping chairs etc - will get to the point where they can no longer be repaired or used. 

since nova camp is committed to preventing textile waste going to landfill, all fabric-bearing gear will be repurposed into totes, backpacks, purses, pencil cases - you name it!



nova camp promises when sourcing equipment to purchase gear that comes in the least amount of packaging possible. for example, the only trash that the marmot tents and sleeping bags produced were their tags.


paperless contracts

in order to save paper, the nova camp rental waiver will be signed in person on an iPad - you also can pre-sign your contract & email it over with an e-signature.


leave no trace

nova camp proudly encourages campers to follow the 7 leave no trace (LNT) Principles:

  • plan ahead and prepare

  • travel and camp on durable surfaces

  • dispose of waste properly

  • leave what you find

  • minimize campfire impacts

  • respect wildlife

  • be considerate of other visitors             

for more information on LNT, please click the link to their website below.