• Brandon McArthur

Laurie Park

This past Saturday Miah, Ned, and I spent the night at Laurie Park. Laurie Park is just past Fall River, about 30 minutes outside the city. I had visited Laurie Park once in the past, but never spent the night at the campground. Laurie Park is a provincial park, in addition to the campground, you can explore the park and enjoy swimming, fishing, or perhaps one of Nova Camp’s paddle boards! When we arrived, there were no park employees to check us in - instead, we input a code to lift a gate. We didn’t get too deep into the park, as our site (10) was close to the entrance. We had a good amount of space between our neighbours, and a good amount of woods behind us. When we arrived, we set up our Marmot Mantis tent, and a canopy tent that we recently scored for free! It was our first time using both tents, so we were pumped at how easy they were to set up. All the pieces were included in the canopy tent, which was awesome. We just had to buy some pegs, and it was good to go. The canopy was great to have up because it rained on and off until we left, and it was able to keep everything not in the tent relatively dry. Some other great items we tested out this trip were our new: Cascade chairs and Hidden Wild hammock. We’re definitely stoked on these items! The hammock is huge, it’s an XL/2-person and comfortably fit Miah, Ned and I. Super easy to set up, and really comfy. The Cascade chairs were also a great new pickup, with the piece de resistance being how well they fold for excellent storage capability.

Once we were all set up, Miah made some delicious burgers and potatoes. PRO TIP! She pre-cooked the potatoes at home, then fried them again at the campsite. While she did this, I perpetually unwrapped Ned who was constantly getting his lead stuck around trees and his own legs. In hindsight, a 40 foot lead may be too long for a wooded area. This was Ned’s first camping trip, and he was perfect! I don’t think he loved the rain, but he was happy to chill in the tent or underneath the picnic table. He was happy to brave the rain when he heard other dogs pass by, including a few other beagles! Sometimes, the rain just makes an adventure better and I think that was definitely the case on Saturday! If you are in need of a quick getaway from the city, Laurie Park is a perfect option. You could have everything needed with our 2 person front country camping kit, at $97.50 a night. Go splits on that bad boy with a friend, and you’ve got an awesome weekend getaway!

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