• Brandon McArthur

What to Bring Camping for Your Pet

Our tents are pet friendly, but before you bring your pup along on a camping trip - think about packing these items.

Food/Water/Dishes - Ensure you have proper storage for these items to avoid attracting any wildlife. Collapsible water dishes are great, especially to save space on hikes.

Poop Bags - You still have to pick up your pets poop! Follow leave no trace guidelines.

I.D. Tag - Make sure your pup is wearing a tag with identification and contact information.

Treats/Toys - Bring some treats as rewards, and some toys for when sticks get boring!

Bedding - Your dog will appreciate being insulated from the ground with a sleeping pad, or bed, and something underneath it. We have a Coleman dog camping bed that Ned is a big fan of.

Tick/Flea Repellent/Medication - Make sure your pet is up to date on all vaccinations, and has the necessary protection from ticks, fleas, or other bugs.

Spike/Lead: This is an essential for us, otherwise we would be constantly holding Ned’s leash. We have 2 lengths for the lead,10ft and 40 ft. The 40 can be overkill if we aren't going somewhere with a ton of open space. We’ve spent a lot of time untangling Ned after he wraps his lead around a tree. It would also be a good idea to have an extra leash in case of emergency, and a comfortable harness for hikes.

First-Aid Kit: You need to have a first-aid kit for both yourself, and your pet. You can buy pre-made pet first-aid kits or assemble your own.

Clothing/Safety Light: Depending on the weather, your dog might need a coat to keep warm at night. Additionally, to ensure your pet stays safe at night, you should have a coat with reflective strips. You can also hang a small safety light from their collar. Socks/Boots can also be helpful. Once your puppy is a camping expert, they also make dog hiking backpacks so he can carry his own gear! These require training your pet to get used to the weight.

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