thank you to all those who support nova camp

below are folx from the community who supported nova camp's indiegogo campaign. without the help from the people below, we wouldn't be able to grow our small business! their financial contributions will make it possible for nova camp do things like purchase new gear and offer more availability!

A. Conrad
L. Barraclough
M. Agarwal
B. McArthur
S. MacDonnell
E. Manning
Kevin & Dee
G. Puncher
A. Lambao
C. Larsh
A. Coombes
M. Wright
D. Green
T. McHugh
M. Weiler
A. Lord
L. Fulton
E. Dragge
L. Davis
K. Meadan
K. Hill
L. Page
A. Gosch
M. Cox
S. Rosenblat